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I am

I AM is designed to assist you in realizing your full potential by providing a high quality self-reflection, interest & skill development experience, allowing you to discover online supportive content & people that match your unique needs and interests.

After 13 months of conceptual design and business development, I AM is seeking a $1,000,000 Seed Round.

Funds will be used to complete the Core Technology Experience ("CTE") and to launch our pre-product community engagement platform and campaign. 


The "CTE" is our MVP prototype phase and will demonstrate the transformative personal and social impact power of this landmark technology. 

A Mobile Augmented Reality Platform

To Optimize Human Potential, Value Exchange

and Purposeful Connectivity. 


​I AM is your personal discovery tool, "soul compass," skills support assistant, life coach, social network, and marketplace to sell your skills, all wrapped into one intuitively playful package.

This breakthrough online and mobile augmented reality platform is designed to increase: 1) personal growth, 2) human potential, 3) meaningful social connection, and 4) core value exchange.

The I AM Platform provides content, connections and experiences that facilitate members in discovering, realizing and monetizing their unique skills, virtues, passions and vocational pathways.

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