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Sample projects our team has developed 

AT&T     -       Educade Social Learning Platform


Bill & Melinda Gates   -    PlayMaker School Franchise

House of Play  -    Family-based Curriculum & Platform

Hasbro Transformers   -   Planetary Stewardship 

Sesame Street Research Council - Market research

Motorola  -  Design Learning Curriculum​​

GameDesk   -   Educational Video Game design & dev

Marvel Avengers - Interactive Science Games

Verizon  -  Interactive Maker Modules​

Samsung  -  Educational Tablet Design


Dojo  -  Social Emotional Game

Impact - Political Card Game​​​

  • Creates and catalyze breakthrough brands and products

  • Envisions and unearths the full potential of Your Big Idea

  • Designs and empowers the world of your brand or product aligned to its core ethos/purpose

  • Builds & refines your core business materials 

  • Develops leading edge intuitive technologies apps and platforms

  • Host world-class events, organizes and conducts networking events and provides online community matching services.

Vision Seed

​Brand/Product Extraction Workshop

What is at the heart of you, your brand, your mission?  This powerful workshop, a hallmark of our reputation and approach, fully illuminates your idea and its  execution.

We take you through a deep extraction of company, brand, product identity, feature envisioning, and experience design.  Get ready for an interactive, playfully social, personal and professional, acceleration experience.

  • Illuminate Brand Identity

  • Customer Persona Mapping

  • Extraction of Core Product Vision & Unique Value propositions

  • Platform & Product Ideation

  • Brand Experience Design

  • Product Feature Design Workshop

Brand Tree

Creation of Full Brand/Product Concept 

Breathing full life into your vision, we highlight the most structurally sound and compelling version of your brand and/or product and realize it fully as a concept.   

Materials furnished are investor & development ready.

  • Persona Mapping 

  • Brand Aesthetics

  • Full Market Research 

  • Mobile Platform Design

  • Influencer Branding

  • Branded Messaging 

  • Impact Maximization 

  • Idea Animation

  • Brand/Company Deck

  • Product Concept Deck 

  • Logo Treatment

  • Core Business Language.

  • Photography/Video Template

  • App and Platform Design  

Business Growth

Company Development

Capital Raise Support

Ready to grow your brand into a fully realized product or enterprise?  A strong development team, network and set of integrated supports are required to succeed. Our strategic brand & business development services provide answers to all of your growth needs. 

  • Social Media Strategy

  • Private Offering Memorandum

  • Business Plan

  • Talent Engagement 

  • Company Culture 

  • World-Class Events Hosting

  • Fundraising

  • Strategic Partners & Influencer Acquisition   

  • Event Activations

  • Campaign Management

  • Board & Ambassador Strategy

  • App & Platform Development

Connect with us to explore custom service packages catered to your unique vision and needs. 

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