I AM Experience

Social Mobile Self-Actualization Platform

Distributed Universal Profiling System

Freelance Peer-to-Peer Skills
& Services Marketplace 


Immersive Reality Game 
(Mobile AR-Enabled)


Yield a measurable positive ripple of impact ("ROI") in the lives of a Billion people or more.

Human potential

Expand human potential and consciousness by connecting people to core life purpose, aligned relationships and key value exchange opportunities.


 Design and offer educational services and products to enhance the human experience;

Create communities which foster greater connection, thriving and wellbeing for people and plane.



Develop distributed and regenerative   economic solutions   to empower LOHAS and conscious  consumer paradigms.

Why We Exist


Stay Tuned in for Beta Platform Opportunities, Free Life Enrichment Resources, and Upcoming Virtual & Live Experiences.


Accelerate your evolution...

Quantum leap into the

Infinite Game.

Immersive events and "evolutionary playgrounds" to elevate your life experience.


Event frameworks designed to playfully connect people with  embodiment of core personal genius and purpose.

Live transformation experiences offer unique matchmaking processes for meaningful value exchange networking and live self-improvement  opportunities.



WEARE a team of visionary entrepreneurs, social impact partners, investors, artists,  emergent tech creators, educators and influencers committed to redesigning socio-economic paradigms.


We achieve this mission by creating evolved enterprises and solutions to enhance the human experience and empower ecosystemic thrivability. 

Strategic Partners


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