I AM Experience

Distributed Universal Identity

& Self-Actualization Platform:

Social, Mobile Personal Discovery 

& Development Interface 

Freelance Peer-to-Peer

Skills & Services Marketplace 

Immersive Reality Game

(Mobile AR-Enabled)


Accelerate your evolution...

Quantum leap into the

Infinite Game.

Immersive events and "evolutionary playgrounds" to elevate the human experience;  Event frameworks to connect people with their core genius, deepest purpose and most relevant pathways of mastery.

Live personal discovery and transformation experiences with unique match-making processes to inspire deeper connections with
aligned community. Real-time meaningful  value exchange and self-improvement opportunities.


WEARE a team of visionary entrepreneurs, social impact partners, investors, artists,  emergent tech creators, educators and influencers committed to redesigning socio-economic paradigms.


We achieve this mission by creating evolved enterprises to enhance human and planetary wellbeing.

Core Team 


Advisory Council

Strategic Partners